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We are an international team passionate about online education.

In the past 3 years Trendimi has proudly trained thousands of wonderful students. We offer online courses, live training, and awesome content on our blog.

What you say matters a lot to us. Among the amazing feedback we received from our graduates, we constantly got requests to do advanced courses.

And this is how we created Trendimi Premium. It was born because we listened to our students, but also because we are committed to educate, empower and offer affordable training.

We want to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career.

To offer you the best training experience, we work with experts in the different areas of study so that YOU can become the expert.

In today’s crowded, busy, competitive world, you need to stand out. You need to learn specific skills, but you also need to know how to get yourself out there.

We get it and this is why our advanced courses aim to give you in-depth knowledge, skills and direction in the area covered.

  • We love helping people to get new skills and succeed in their careers
  • We continuously develop new courses, ideas and projects. Non stop fun!
  • We are an international team of enthusiastic, energetic, hard working people
  • We get to work from anywhere (most of our team members work remotely)
  • We get to work with amazing professionals (our experts) from every where in the world
  • We love sharing trendy ideas and careers information on our blog


Have you ever felt like this?

“There are so many things I could do as a Makeup Artist/Interior Designer/Event Planner and I’m not sure which one is right for me”

“I feel that I don’t have enough knowledge of the different areas within my industry

“Should I freelance, start my business or work for others? I feel so stuck and confused”

“I’m not sure how to get started and where to look for a job in my industry”

“I have no idea where to find clients”

“I worry I’ll not get a fair price for my services”

“I’d like to get more training but courses are so expensive”

We get it. We know how it feels and we want to help!

You’ll get clarity on what you really want to do with the knowledge you've gained and the confidence that will put you on the right track to a successful career

You’ll understand all the opportunities your industry has to offer and where to find them

You’ll gain the confidence to get yourself out there

You’ll learn your worth & how much you should be earning

You’ll get in depth knowledge of the industry (and the industry areas) you want to work in

You’ll get affordable training and access to experts in the industry

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Meet Stefanie Carol

Makeup Artist | Writer | Beauty Editor

Stefani’s passion for the beauty industry started off at a young age doing makeovers for family and friends. Her passion grew into a profession as word spread and her services were being requested around town.

After graduating at the top of her class as a licensed cosmetologist, she was immediately hired to work for her beauty school. She became a Field Representative and also volunteered for many charity events and local women’s shelters. She traveled throughout the Midwest inspiring future cosmetologists. Over the course of a year, Stefani enrolled hundreds of aspiring cosmetologists into beauty school. Through her leadership and life as an example, she encourages others to overcome obstacles and pursue a career in the beauty industry.

Stefani sought training from renowned experts and celebrity makeup artists from around the world to be certified in the following courses:

  • HD Makeup Artistry
  • Bridal Makeup Artistry
  • Brow Threading
  • Lash Extensions
  • Body Painting
  • Custom Blending

Stefani is now a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor by the State of Ohio and has a passion for education. She designed a curriculum for students to learn how to become a makeup artist and start a career in makeup artistry. Her classes are created for beginners to intermediate students of all ages. She also travels as an artist for top luxury lines such as, CHANEL COSMETICS, NARS, and ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS.

"I find fulfillment in seeing the look on someone's face when I finish doing makeup and hair. I truly see beauty in every person, and I LOVE to bring it out with my simple makeup applications or hair styles. To me, it's not about the makeup or my's about creating a moment that builds self worth.I just want to use every talent I have in hopes that it will bless someone and they will look back and remember how they felt...not just how they looked."- Stefani Carol

Meet Tamar

Events Manager | Business Owner | Coach

Tamar Peters is the leader of high impact international speaker events and renowned in the events management training sector for developing and overseeing a large selection of highly regarded corporate events for small and large companies, including: Hilton Hotel, Baxterstory Catering, Excel Exhibition and Conference Centre, Lords Cricket Ground, British Association of Conference Destinations and Chris Howard Companies. She is also renowned in the industry for building and developing a concise database comprising of many valuable business contacts, marketing and sales strategies.

Tamar has extensive experience and expertize as a Director at the sharp end of events development, management and coordination, provides the tools required to administer exceptionally high levels of strategic insight and direction to small and large, national and international companies. By directing the events management and training within her own company, Top Speaker Events Ltd, the true essence of an all-encompassing events management company is promoted in response to an in-depth understanding of the aspirations and expectations of many organizations.

Tamar has spent over 25 years in the events industry and now focuses on training and coaching all levels of people in the events industry, as well as specializing in high spec personalized business and transformational events all over the world.


Meet Germarie

Interior Designer | Award Winning Blogger | TV Presenter & Writer

Germarie is an interior designer who turned to blogging as an outlet for her passion for writing. The blog soon took over and in 2013 she left her corporate design career behind to blog full time. Award-winning blog Homeology now constitutes inspiring home décor and styling, DIY’s and tutorials as well as a home décor shop, e-books and many free resources to empower anyone to make their home into a haven. In 2015, she co-authored her first book Make Your Home (Random House Struik 2015) with childhood friend, Margaux Tait, who is a regular contributor to the blog. The duo also launched their TV careers at the same time, as décor and design presenters on DSTV channel Via’s Stylstryd.

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