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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
So, what is Trendimi Premium?

Trendimi Premium is a new Trendimi website that offers advanced courses. All of the courses will have 9 modules plus 3 Q&A sessions and will be delivered with live video by experts in the field.

Yeah, that’s correct. You’ll get access to the expert while you’re doing the course. You can ask questions during the course or in the dedicated Q&A sessions. How great is that?

Why Trendimi Premium?

Because of you. You inspired us to design these education programmes and create this website. Trendimi Premium was inspired by the feedback we were getting from our Trendimi students and our willingness to keep delivering you top training. We’ve been constantly asked for more training and advanced training.

We listened.

And the idea of creating advanced courses is now coming to life.

Our philosophy is to empower you to start your dream career, by offering affordable training and access to expert knowledge in the different areas of study so that YOU can become the expert.

What advanced courses do you offer?

For now, we’re starting with 3 courses:

  • Advanced Event Manager - ENROLLMENT OPEN > DOORS CLOSE April 8th
  • Advanced Makeup Artist - Dates will be confirmed soon
  • Advanced Interior Designer - Dates will be confirmed soon
What are the dates of the courses?

The first course going live is the Advanced Event Manager which will be delivered by our wonderful expert, Tamar Peters, who has over 25 years experience in the field.

The course is starting on the 12th of April and ending on the 19th of May. You can check the full schedule below.

Module 1: 12th April 2016
Module 2: 14th April 2016
Module 3: 19th April 2016

Q&A Webinar: 21st April 2016

Module 4: 26th April 2016
Module 5: 28th April 2016
Module 6: 2nd May 2016

Q&A Webinar: 4th May 2016

Module 7: 10th May 2016
Module 8: 12th May 2016
Module 9: 18th May 2016

Q&A Webinar: 19th May 2016

We know you might not be able to attend all the dates live, but that’s not a problem as you get lifetime access to the course. YES, LIFETIME ACCESS! If you miss the live session, you’ll have the opportunity to go to your virtual campus to view all the replays and course materials.

The dates for the Advanced Makeup Artist and Interior Designer course will be confirmed later.

How will it work?

It’s easy peasy:

  1. You select from our advanced Interior Designer, Event Manager and Makeup Artist courses
  2. Click the ENROLL NOW button in the course you choose and pay a deposit to reserve your spot. Two weeks before course date you will be asked to settle the course fees
  3. The modules will be released according to a schedule, but if you miss the classes you’ll still have access to the content (you have lifetime access to the course)
  4. There will be 3 live Q&A sessions during the course where you can ask questions to our experts
How much does it cost?

It’s very important for us to offer you amazing content for an affordable price. You’ll get tremendous value from this course and a course with this content, value and bonuses, would easily go above the 5 figures.

The courses are designed to prepare you to get yourself out there and take your dream career to the next level.

You’ll get live access to an expert during the course and dedicated Q&A sessions so you can ask all your questions. And you’ll get a number of bonuses and extras (lifetime access, extras with each module, graduation bonuses, access to the expert for 12 months on live Q&A’s and so much more).

And all of this for just €299

BUT, please note that this is our launch price as it’s the first time we’re running this course. Prices will go up to €349 on the second edition of each course.

We're so confident that you'll love this course that we've decided to give you 30 days money back guarantee (Terms & Conditions apply).

And you can use our easy payment plan to pay for the course in two installments.

How can I enroll?

The enrollment is NOW open for the Advanced Event Manager course and the doors will close on April 8th. You can learn more about the course and enroll by clicking the button below.

Can I enroll to the courses anytime?

You can always pay your deposit and reserve your seat for any of the available courses. The only confirmed dates right now are for the Event Manager course, but it’s guaranteed that the Makeup Artist and Interior Designer will also run this year. The dates will be confirmed soon.

You can enroll now on the Events Manager course. We’re not sure if we will open the doors to this course again this year, so if you are planning a career in events this is your chance to enroll and take your career to the next level with, our expert, Tamar’s help.

How will I get the certificate?

There will be an exam at the end of each course. The passing rate is 55% and your certificate will show a pass/fail score. Once you complete and pass your exam you’ll immediately get a free certificate in digital format (pdf). If you want the hard copy of the ICOES certificate you can request it in your members area. There will be an extra fee of 19.99 that covers the admin and shipping costs. The delivery takes 12 to 19 days in the EU and 20 to 30 days if you are in US or rest of the world.